Danis George Simon

Danis has close to 10 years working in the industry in different capacities. From being a developer and seeing the world and how it functions in white and black (0's and 1's), to bridging the gap and experiencing all the vibrant colours it has to offer, he has seen it all. He is, and always has been inquisitive to know about how things run in the background and what it takes to bring something to life.

Danis is an ardent learner and truly believes that one always remains a student for life. He is always excited to pass on his knowledge to anybody, who is interested to learn. Knowledge is truly the greatest weapon that one can be armed with, and Danis aims to equip as many people as he can with the transformational power of Agile in order to turn them each into the superheroes he/she is meant to be.

SUPERPOWERS | X-ray vision. Dogged determination. Approachable.
KRYPTONITE | Timekeeping. Gym injuries. Whiskey.